Mantra Vegetarian Restaurant

restaurant nite L122Enjoy a relaxed meal in our restaurant, on the outdoor patios, or rooftop deck under the stars. Our on site restaurant  MANTRA offers vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner to both our guests and those visiting from outside.
We serve traditional Indian vegetarian food items, Rajasthani specialties, and a sampling of other cultures’ cuisines. We strive to serve fresh seasonal food from our kitchen garden and orchard. Thus, our menu items may vary slightly season to season with additional off menu choices available.

We are happy to accommodate specific dietary restrictions or preferences regarding food preparation such as allergies, or spice, salt, considerations etc.- just let us know!

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  • Restaurant Timings:
  • Breakfast:   7:30-10:00 am
    Lunch:        12:00-2:30pm
    Dinner:        6:00-10:30pm
    Snacks:      03:30-05:30pm
  • Room Service: Available same as restaurant times; 10% surcharge added
  • Special Meal Timing requests honored with 24 hrs. advance notice