Suites Room

A perfect option for longer staying guests or just one who wishes to have the option to read and relax beyond their primary sleeping space. These comfortable rooms all have a master bedroom with an accompanying seating room which easily converts into an additional bedroom allowing the benefits of close proximity while maintaining a measure of privacy. Included in this group is our “Big Blue”; a large and magnificent room with over 60 saris in shades of deep blue on the ceiling, a dining table, multiple seating and more. Its accompanying bedroom is outfitted in cool aquas in contrast. Set in the back of the property for maximum privacy. A delightful experience!

Deluxe Room

Treat yourself to one of our sumptuous rooms filled with saris and silks. Beautiful tapestries adorn the walls. Regal purple, dramatic chocolate, peaceful turquoise and more represent the Sunrise-Sunset circular rooms where you can sit on your balcony, at your 2nd story window seat or perhaps on an accessible ground floor terrace of a free standing unit. Far reaching views of our beautiful desert await. A real treat.

Superior Room

These rooms are clustered in separate 4 room buildings. Great for those wishing to be with larger friend or family groupings. Each has either a ground floor terrace for easy access or upstairs balcony rooms with pleasing desert and interior views. The tapestries and traditional block prints in blues , maroons, orange and yellow round out this comfortable room setting

Standard Room

Our Cozy Cottages and Standard rooms sit side by side with shared terraces as private freestanding buildings. Perfect if you are two sets of couples or two generations of family. Large adjacent terraces make for easy conversation. Chose between a rectangular room outfitted with traditional adjarkh printed accessories or our circular stone building with colorful saris ceilings.